Dogsters Ice Cream Review — Is it Healthy for Dogs?

Looking for a way to cool down your furry best friend during those hot summer days? Look no further than Dogsters Ice Cream. This canine-friendly dessert has become a popular treat for dogs and their owners alike. But what makes it so special? 

We will dive deep into the ingredients, flavors, and overall experience of Dogsters Ice Cream to see if it’s worth the wagging tails and barks of approval.

What is Dogsters Ice Cream?

If you’re looking for a special treat to spoil your furry friend, Dogsters Ice Cream is a great choice. Unlike traditional ice cream that can upset your dog’s stomach, this delicious dessert is veterinarian-approved and made with lactose-free milk and other dog-friendly ingredients. 

And with flavors to choose from, your dog can enjoy more than just plain vanilla. So why not treat your four-legged friend to a tasty and safe indulgence with Dogsters Ice Cream?

What Are the Famous Flavors of Dogsters Ice Cream?

Nutly Cheese

The Nutly Cheese flavor is a crowd-pleaser and a great choice for your dog’s taste buds. Made with a blend of nutty and peanut flavors, this ice cream has a strong and delicious scent that will make your dog drool in anticipation. 

DOGS eating ice cream

Peanut butter and cheese are both ingredients that dogs love, and when combined in Dogsters Ice Cream, they create a creamy and indulgent treat that your furry friend will surely love. With no dairy, Dogsters uses the creaminess of peanut butter and cheese to create the texture that dogs crave in an ice cream. 


Dogsters Minte flavor is a favorite among dog owners for its ability to freshen up bad breath in a delicious way. Made with a clever and thoughtful blend of creamy ice cream and a strong minty scent, your furry friend will lick it up eagerly. 

Offering your dog this treat after their meals can help relieve bad breath, allowing for worry-free cuddles and quality time together. Not only does it make your dog happy, but it also keeps you happy by improving their breath.

Cheesy Bacon

If you’re looking to satisfy your dog’s taste buds, look no further than the Cheesy Bacon flavor from Dogsters Ice Cream. With its delicious combination of meaty bacon and creamy cheese, this flavor is sure to be a hit with your furry friend. 

Offering this treat to your dog after their meal is a great way to reward them for good behavior and keep them satisfied. The bacon flavoring and cheese blend together perfectly, creating a mouth-watering scent that will have your dog drooling as soon as they catch a whiff. 

DOGS 4 cups box

Plus, the creaminess of the cheese makes this flavor a popular choice among dog owners.

Is Dogsters Ice Cream Safe?

Dogsters Ice Cream is safe for dogs to consume. Unlike traditional ice cream, which contains ingredients that can be harmful to dogs, such as lactose and artificial sweeteners, Dogsters Ice Cream is specially formulated with lactose-free milk and other dog-safe ingredients. 

The company also consults with veterinarians to ensure the safety and quality of their product. It’s important to note that while Dogsters Ice Cream is safe for dogs to eat, it should still be given in moderation as a treat and not as a substitute for their regular diet. 

DOGS Nutty and cheese

Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new treats or foods to your dog’s diet.


Dogsters Ice Cream offers a delicious and safe way to treat your furry friend. With a range of flavors to choose from and specially formulated ingredients, Dogsters is a great way to indulge your dog in a sweet and creamy treat without any worries.

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