Snow Monkey Ice Cream Review

Looking for a sweet, creamy treat that’s both delicious and unique? Look no further than Snow Monkey Ice Cream. Made from superfood ingredients like fruits and nuts, this dairy-free and vegan ice cream is taking the dessert world by storm. But is it worth the hype? 

We will dive into the flavors and texture of Snow Monkey Ice Cream and let you know if it’s worth a spot in your freezer.

What is Snow Monkey Ice Cream?

Snow Monkey Ice Cream is a guilt-free dessert option that’s perfect for any time of day. Made from a variety of superfood ingredients, this dairy-free ice cream is a delicious way to indulge without sacrificing nutrition. 

Loaded with protein, antioxidants, and fiber, Snow Monkey ice cream provides the essential nutrients that our bodies need to thrive.

What Are the Famous Flavors of Snow Monkey Ice Cream?

If you’re a fan of unique flavors, the Goji Berry ice cream is a must-try. This flavor can be enjoyed on its own in a cup or cone, or added to a blender to make a delicious smoothie. On the other hand, the Passion Fruit ice cream may be too tart for some. It’s best used in smoothies, where you can mix it with other fruits or veggies to balance out the sourness. 

SNOW advestisement

If you’re in the mood for a festive flavor, the Cinnamon ice cream is perfect with its strong cinnamon taste reminiscent of the holiday season. The Matcha Green Tea flavor, however, can be a bit chalky and is best suited for smoothies. Lastly, the Cacao flavor is smooth and rich in taste, but it’s not for those who prefer sweet chocolate treats, as it’s sugar-free.

Is Snow Monkey Ice Cream Worth Trying?

Snow Monkey Ice Cream is definitely worth trying for those looking for a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream. Made from superfood ingredients like fruits and nuts, this dairy-free and vegan ice cream is packed with protein, antioxidants [1], and fiber, making it a guilt-free dessert option. 

With unique flavors like Goji Berry, Passion Fruit, Cinnamon, Matcha Green Tea, and Cacao, Snow Monkey Ice Cream offers a variety of tastes to satisfy any palate. However, if you’re someone who’s accustomed to the sweet and creamy texture of traditional ice cream, Snow Monkey may take some getting used to. 

SNOW Cacao and Goji

While the texture is smooth and creamy, it’s not as rich as regular ice cream, and the flavors may not be as sweet as you’re used to. Additionally, Snow Monkey ice cream is more expensive than traditional ice cream, which may be a consideration for those on a budget.


Snow Monkey Ice Cream is a great option for those looking for a healthier and guilt-free dessert. With its unique superfood ingredients and delicious flavors, Snow Monkey is definitely worth a try. While it may not be as sweet or creamy as traditional ice cream, its health benefits make up for it. 

So go ahead, give Snow Monkey a taste, and see if it’s the right dessert option for you.

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